Layfield Group Awarded 2019’s Green Business of the Year by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce.

November 25, 2019

SilverSmithBuilding_Smaller-(1).jpgRichmond, BC – November 21, 2019

Layfield Group Ltd. is proud to announce that the Richmond Chamber of Commerce awarded Layfield Group the 2019 Green Business of the Year for our eco-friendly Bioflex™ packaging and sustainable corporate initiatives at the Business Excellence Awards. The awards have been celebrating the best of Richmond's business community since 1977, recognizing the outstanding local organizations that make up the vibrant Richmond economy. The Green Business of the Year award specifically honours a business that demonstrates leadership with their environmental and sustainable business practices.

At Layfield, we believe the world deserves better than the driving narrative about plastic use. People no longer need to feel discouraged when they use plastic.
BioFlex™ products are different than conventional plastic packaging, which can neither be efficiently recycled, composted, or disposed of without being costly, time-consuming, or environmentally damaging.

Our belief is that because most plastic is made primarily from natural gas,  a fully circular solution should not just have plastic be mechanically recycled, but for many applications plastic should also be easily converted back into natural gas.  The gas temporarily used for plastic will not only protect our food and other products, but it can turn back into energy in an anaerobic biodigester environment which would offset other more harmful energy inputs.

Imagine a world where efficient plastic not only disappears in our generation but one pound of BioFlex plastic could power our next generation of electric cars for over 12 kms. We have a very hopeful future if Bioflex plastic is widely adopted and this award is a very helpful endorsement.  To learn more about Bioflex™, visit us online at

Approximately 14,000 businesses are licensed in Richmond – only 30 nominees advance to the finalist stage each year, with 10 recognized as award recipients in the 10 Business Excellence Award categories. Layfield was honoured to be considered a finalist with London Drugs and IKEA Canada.

About Layfield: Layfield is looking to partner with companies with a commitment to co-creating a sustainable future. We are helping them hit their environmental goals by providing plastic packaging that produces valuable biogas 22 times faster than conventional plastics. The Layfield Group is the only integrated organization that provides tailored polymer-based solutions that are proven to protect our families, communities, and the environment.

*BioFlex™ has been shown to produce biogases 22 times faster than conventional plastic in the ideal conditions of an anaerobic digestor landfill over 2.13 years, using the ASTM D5511-12 test.  When disposed of in a landfill with modern biogas capture technologies, this energy can be harnessed as a source of renewable energy.  Such a facility may not exist in your area.

About the Layfield Group

When Layfield first came into the business in 1950, it only dealt with fabricated plastic. In 1978, however, the current owners took over the company and decided to pursue a more aggressive course in terms of expansion. The goal was to grow through technology and innovation, market diversification and development of its employees. In order to keep up with proper management, Layfield has continued to adapt to the changing results. Layfield has always focused on long-term growth. Now, Layfield strategically invests in three separate business units: Construction Products, Environmental Products, and Flexible Packaging. Each of them has its own specialised market segments that have grown over time. The company is deeply rooted in the family values concerning high ethical standards and commitment. Under the lead of Tom Rose, the CEO of Layfield, its reputation has continued to grow.

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