Layfield Environmental Containment is a leading North American manufacturer of flexible geomembrane liners. The manufacture of geomembranes at Layfield is governed and controlled by our registered quality management system, which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Each product is certified to meet the published Minimum Average Roll Value (MARV) specifications, which can be found on this website. Layfield can provide signed mill certificates for each lot of geomembrane produced, showing actual results for specified properties.

Layfield is the leading manufacturer of fortified geomembranes. The process of fortifying a geomembrane requires that it is manufactured with special prime grade resins blended with advanced additives that provide superior physical, mechanical and endurance properties. The advantages of a fortified geomembrane include superior chemical resistance and long-term performance properties. Our Research and Technology Group constantly researches and develops innovative ways to enhance the quality of our existing products and develop new and more specialized products.

Layfield manufactures some of the industry's most popular brands of geomembranes, including our Enviro Liner® and HAZGARD®. Layfield also manufactures a variety of standard grade polyethylene geomembranes. Layfield can produce a variety of geomembrane widths and thicknesses designed both for prefabricated and field installed liners. Our co-extrusion process can provide texturing capabilities and a variety of specialty skin colors.