As a construction company in the geosynthetics industry, Layfield has been subject to stringent quality standards for many years. Our first written quality assurance programs were put in place in 1986 in Canada (Layfield Plastics 1978 Ltd) and 1988 in the US (CW Neal Corp). Our field quality assurance manuals have evolved since those dates to the comprehensive manuals now used in the US and Canada.

In the geosynthetics industry, it is normal practice to track all materials from manufacture to final inspection completely; qualify technicians and welding equipment each day before welding and every 4 hours after that; to test every seam made in the field. We are commonly subject to third party QC inspection on job sites and used to operating at a quality level significantly higher than any other trade on a job site.

Layfield Geosynthetics operates a Quality Management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.