AquaDam Pipeline Installations and Repairs

What is AquaDam® coffer dam?

AquaDam® is a water filled portable dam or aqua barrier that can be positioned to contain or divert the flow of water. AquaDam® is lightweight, easy to handle and can be used in virtually any location. Layfield's AquaDams are stretched across the site, and then inflated with water from the prospected dry area to create a dry working environment. AquaDam® cofferdams are excellent for creating water tight enclosures and exposing the bottom of streams or sloughs/wetlands for repairs.

AquaDam® for water diversions

AquaDam® has been designed as an efficient method for blocking of streams for pipeline crossings installations, repairs or when performing integrity digs inspections to determine if a pipeline repair or replacement is required.


Using AquaDam® to complete pipeline crossings is one of the most environmentally effective methods in use and is ideally suited to crossings involving large diameter pipelines. Once a river or stream is blocked off, the flow of water needs to have a path. On small streams a system of pumps may be all that is needed to divert water around the work area. Another simple method for diverting water when a small stream needs to be blocked off is to use a flume. A flume is a pipe that takes the water flow and carries it over the work area. Flumes can come in many sizes and can be used on most creeks and some smaller rivers.


AquaDam® is ideal for water diversions and aqua barriers during pipeline installation, inspection and repairs in and around rivers or standing water: wetlands, sloughs and ponds.


Installation and Additional Products

AquaDams are normally installed by Layfield crews as site conditions vary from job to job. Dealing with the flow of water is the most difficult aspect of working with AquaDam®. It is often the river that determines what can and cannot be done. Please discuss all stream diversion projects with your Layfield technical services person well in advance of construction.


Silt Curtains

Silt curtains are used to control silt when working in low flow or standing water applications. Silt curtains prevent particulate materials from leaving the immediate area of construction in the water. They also protect aquatic environments and prevent costly environmental cleanup work and liability. Standard floating silt curtain units are available in nominal heights of 7ft, 13 ft and 19 ft (2.1m, 4.0m, 5.8m), but custom curtains can be made to accommodate any water depth. For heavier duty or higher flow applications, refer to our Turbidity Curtains.

Turbidity Curtains

Turbidity curtains are deployed in areas where sediment discharge to a stream is unavoidable. They are commonly used within a water body to protect against sediment migration from construction areas into the rest of the water body. Curtains are suspended vertically in a body of water with floats at the top and a ballast chain at the bottom to hold the curtain in a vertical position. They can be used in standing or slow moving water, or in rivers with flow rates of up to 5ft/second.  

A full installation: Aqua Dam, Turbidity Barriers and Silt Curtains.


Design and Installation Services

Layfield is a specialized geosynthetics contractor providing construction / installation services across North America, with a focus on geomembranes and floating covers. We have extensive experience designing and installing geomembrane liners, floating cover systems, baffle curtains, Aqua Dams and other specialty geosynthetics.

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