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Containment Solutions for
Wastewater Treatment

Layfield can help you manage your wastewater with floating cover systems that collect biogas, control odor, eliminate evaporation, maintain temperature and much more.



Biogas Collection Covers

Biogas collection covers improve wastewater treatment and collect valuable methane gas. Methane gas can be burnt to generate heat and augment the fuel of boilers. It can also be used to generate electricity through a biogas generator. It can be flared off for carbon credits in some jurisdictions, or it can be sold to a biogas facility.

Odor Control Covers

Floating Covers can reduce odors from wastewater treatment ponds and settling tanks. Floating covers help reduce odours due to the reduction in surface area of the exposed liquid.


Insulated covers

Insulated Covers are commonly used to cover process ponds and treatment ponds where temperature control is required. Insulated covers retain heat in water and wastewater ponds when the ambient temperature is different from the lagoon temperature. They are used in regions with low temperatures during winter months as an economical way to add insulation to open ponds or tanks.  Retaining heat is important to help assist the biological degradation of waste materials.

Geotube® Sludge Dewatering Tubes

Food processors have benefited from Geotube® dewatering technology for water processing and effluent water lagoon, tank and digester cleanouts. Geotube® sludge dewatering technology can achieve volume reductions of up to 90%, with high solid levels that facilitate removal and disposal.

Floating Baffles

Floating baffle curtains can increase the retention time for water in a treatment cell, preventing shortcutting and increasing the capacity of existing wastewater treatment facilities.


Pond Liners

Pond liners help control seepage, permeation and help prevent the loss of precious water from ponds. Using a properly selected geomembrane can significantly reduce water loss and help provide valuable water savings. We can custom fabricate our Enviro Liner® geomembranes into large panels to reduce your installation time and costs.

Evaporation & Algae Control covers

Water preservation is key to keeping your operation running smoothly in arid climates or when faced with drought and other extreme natural circumstances. Evaporation control covers are an inexpensive option to prevent the loss of precious water from ponds and tanks. In addition to eliminating evaporation, evaporation control covers prevent the concentration of pond liquids.




Design and Installation Services

Layfield is a specialized geosynthetics contractor providing construction/installation services across North America, with a focus on geomembranes and floating covers. We have extensive experience designing and installing geomembrane liners, baffle curtains and floating cover systems, including biogas collection covers.

Maintenance and Inspection Services

Layfield offers a complete line of inspection and maintenance services for liners, floating cover systems and floating baffles. Timely inspection of the condition and operational effectiveness of a liner or floating cover will allow you to maintain the performance of the containment system and extend its service life to the maximum extent possible. A professional Layfield inspection will allow a facility owner to budget for major maintenance items and for the eventual replacement of the containment system when further maintenance is impractical.

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