VaporFlex® protects residential and commercial buildings from water vapor damage.


    • 10 mil and 15 mil fully meet ASTM E1745 Class A requirements
    • Stock roll sizes and sealing tapes are available


    • Prevent mold formation in buildings
    • Use in building foundations to exclude moisture
    • A barrier to soil gasses
    VaporFlex Specifications

Product Description

The VaporFlex® product line is designed to perform as a highly effective vapor barrier that impedes the infiltration of moisture and water vapor through concrete slabs and foundations. VaporFlex® blocks mold growth and prevents harmful vapors from migrating through the concrete into building interiors. 

VaporFlex® exceeds all of the standards for a CLASS A vapor barrier set out by ASTM E1745 requirements. Class A is ASTM's highest performance standard for "Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Soil or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs." 

VaporFlex® is readily available through any of our Western U.S. locations, Canadian locations, or various National Distributor accounts.

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