"Layfield Xtreme" Hoarding - Apartment Complex

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB TIMEFRAME: November 2008 SCOPE OF WORK: Hoarding in four apartment complexes PROJECT PARTNERS Owner: Century Park Client: Safway Scaffolding Installation: Safway Scaffolding Material supplier: Layfield


Century Park was behind schedule and would not have the apartment shells completed before the cold, wind and snow set in. They contracted the hoarding to Safway Scaffold. The owner wanted to go with the insulated blankets which were the standard hoarding at the time. The issue with the insulated blankets was high and gusting winds. Any failure due to wind would have to be replaced at the owners cost. Not only would they have to buy more insulated blankets but also have to pay Safway to reinstall them. With in a week there were wind gusts rated at approx 80 kmh. Safways was called back to repair and replace tarps.


Safway Scaffolding advised the client to use the “Layfield Xtreme” product. Safway mentioned that it was an easier product to install. They also told them it was a scrim reinforced which with stands high and gusting winds. There is much less maintenance with this product which would keep the costs down to the owner. The owner agreed to try it on the next apartment. Again there were high wind gusts (80kmh) and the Xtreme handled the gusts with no issues. The customer was impressed and the next two buildings were hoarded with “Xtreme”.


The “Xtreme” was used on 3 buildings in total. Once the hoarding was installed it was up until May. There were no issues with the hoarding during this time. The contractor was impressed how easy it was to install. The owner was equally impressed that they saved money and completed the project.

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