Insulated Curing Blankets

Insulated curing blankets can be used to maintain concrete temperatures at desired levels.


    • Light-weight insulated blankets
    • Translucent to allow light transmission
    • Closed cell foam does not absorb water


    • Curing of concrete in cold weather
    • Heating frozen ground
    • Covering materials and work sites
    • Horizontal applications
    Insulated Curing Blankets Specifications

Product Description

Concrete curing blankets are a lightweight and effective method of providing temporary insulation on project sites. Curing blankets are excellent at retaining heat when placed on freshly poured concrete until it has the chance to cure. 

Blankets can insulate wherever needed on a construction site or reduce heating costs when heat is applied to a structure or work area. Concrete curing blankets are explicitly designed for use in horizontal applications. Curing blankets vertically or on scaffolding is inappropriate as the hems and grommets were not designed to take the loads needed.

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