Irrigation & Water Storage

Protect Your Valuable Water Resources

When you are faced with irrigation and water storage challenges, what do you do? An insecure water supply or faulty irrigation system can cost you your profitability.

Layfield provides the peace of mind that comes with innovative, secure solutions designed to protect your fresh water and irrigation assets. Our geomembrane lining and cover systems can help you eliminate water loss due to seepage or evaporation. Combined with one of our steel water storage tanks, you can securely contain your water assets in a cost-effective, leak-free system.

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Common Benefits of Irrigation & Water Storage

Rainwater Harvesting

Collect and retain rainwater to build a ready supply for when you need it.

Improve Groundwater Quality

Prevent pollutants from contaminated runoff or irrigation from seeping into groundwater.

Increase Your Water Savings

Lined canals can reduce seepage by 80%, saving both precious water and money.

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