Manure Management

Efficient Treatment Processes Get the Job Done and Create Clean Energy

What do you do with your high volume of animal waste products? A proper management plan to control the waste and methane gas from your farming practice can be complex and arduous. When errors are costly, you need products that will not fail.

Our Layfield featured products for livestock and manure management can assist with the containment of water and manure through properly selected geomembranes. The gas collection covers effectively contain odor while collecting valuable biogas. These dual-purpose covers improve water treatment processes and collect biogas, which can be transformed into clean energy.

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Common Benefits of Manure Management

Protects the Ecosystem

Prevents runoff from contaminating surface or groundwater systems with pollutants.

Improves Water Treatment

Agricultural treatment lagoons can improve the biological processes of wastewater.

Boost Neighbor Relations

Reduced odors from treatment ponds and settling tanks can forge an improved relationship.

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