Evaporation Control

Save Millions of Gallons of Water

When you lose a significant volume of water to evaporation, it can be disastrous. As water supplies become increasingly scarce, evaporation control becomes more and more critical.

You can eliminate the loss of your water by eliminating evaporation with a Layfield Floating Cover, an economical solution to prevent water loss in ponds and tanks. An evaporation control cover stops evaporation by preventing the dry ambient air from contacting the water, with the added benefit of controlling or eliminating algae growth.


Common Benefits of Evaporation Control

Eliminates Algae Growth

By blocking sunlight with a cover, you inhibit the growth of algae, preserving your water supply.

Prevents Mineral Concentration

Helps to control salt or mineral accumulation in irrigation water and water used for livestock.

Promotes Sustainability

Protecting our water supply ensures water is available to sustain environmental, economic, and human needs.

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