Seepage Control

Control Seepage, Prevent Water Loss

In agriculture, seepage is an extensive and expensive source of water loss. Seepage is especially dangerous during prolonged dry periods or droughts.

With water-saving solutions, you can protect your livelihood from threats like drought. Layfield’s solutions are designed to prevent the costly loss of valuable water resources from ponds and irrigation canals. A properly selected geomembrane for a canal or reservoir liner significantly reduces water lost to seepage. You can increase your water savings in agricultural and horticultural applications.


Common Benefits of Seepage Control

Improve Groundwater Quality

Protect your resources by preventing contaminated irrigation canal pollutants from seeping into groundwater.

Increase Your Water Savings

Lined canals can reduce seepage by 80%, saving both water and money. Protect your investment.

Protection Against Erosion

Canal liners are an effective solution to erosion and vegetative intrusion. Plus, they’re economical, too.

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