Ensure Security, Flexibility, and Accessibility

During flood events, your response depends on reliable access to affected areas. With the AquaDam®, you can ensure that critical access points are kept open and clear by diverting floodwater away and keeping roads open for traffic and emergency resources. By linking multiple AquaDams® together, you can even form an extended barrier of any length, allowing you to surround an entire site or protect large swaths of road.

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Benefits of the AquaDam® for Municipal Flood Control

Rapid Response Time

Allows emergency response officials to rapidly protect large areas with minimum effort. This helps ensure the quickest possible response during flood conditions.

Less Labor-Intensive

A 100ft AquaDam® can be installed by two people in as little as twenty minutes, helping you make the most of limited emergency response resources.

Reduce Ecological Impact

Eliminating sandbag fill significantly reduces the potential for polluted discharge into local waterways, helping lessen the long-term impacts of flood events.

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