Flood Protection for Everything You Own

There is limited time to intervene when sudden flooding threatens your home and property. You might turn to sandbags as the standard solution for flood protection, but filling and stacking bags requires extensive time, effort, and human resources for a solution that’s ineffective, overall.

Enter the AquaDam®. Consisting of a series of tubes, once the AquaDam® is filled with water, it creates an impenetrable barrier to protect you against flood damage for as long as necessary.

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Benefits of the AquaDam® for Residential Flood Control

Quick & Easy Install

Deploys ten times faster than sandbags and requires only two people for setup.

Affordable Solution

AquaDams® help you save 25% (or more) compared to the cost of standard sandbags.


AquaDams® can be cleaned and reused multiple times with proper handling, reducing waste and extending your protection.

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