Mine Development

Sustainable, Maintenance-Free Mining Solutions

When developing a new mine, you’re often in a remote location with minimal site resources. Layfield can help you streamline this process, with the expertise to achieve key environmental controls for your remote mining sites, including safe and reliable containment options for mine waste. With us, you can safely and easily overcome your greatest geotechnical challenges in mine development.

Strong haul roads built on poor soils provide vital access to the resources you need when you need them. You’ll be able to access your worksite with ease and avoid lengthy — and costly — project delays. With Layfield, you will find sustainable and maintenance-free solutions for your new mine development.

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Common Benefits of Mine Development

Gain Reliable Remote Site Access

Create green, cost-effective haul roads with the right materials to reinforce and stabilize your base.

Maximize Your Site Space

Increase your usable space while providing invaluable erosion control with Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls.

Protect the Environment

Reduce your environmental impact by containing mine waste, heap leach, runoff, and process water.

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