Secondary Containment

Protect the Environment From Hazardous Substance Release

Your workers, the environment, and your site should not be in danger from spills or leaks. Keep safety a top priority with secondary containment.

Secondary containment systems act as a second line of defense to prevent hazardous liquids from spilling or leaking and contaminating a job site and the surrounding environment. These systems typically consist of a specialized geomembrane liner and berm and, in many applications, never come into contact with the liquid it was designed to contain. We offer a growing line of specialty geomembranes specially formulated for various contaminants.

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Common Benefits of Secondary Containment

Cost-Efficient Cleanup

Secondary containment keeps spill material in a confined area, making clean-up less costly.

Reduces Liability Risk

Prevents damage to the surrounding environment and reduces worker exposure to hazardous materials.

Ensures Regulation Compliance

Various Federal laws and regulations are in place to ensure hazardous materials are handled correctly.

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