Fresh and Produced Water Storage

Capture and Securely Store Flowback from Drilling Fluid

Development of most oil and gas wells includes fracturing with water, sand, and other agents injected at extremely high pressures. When the pressure is released, flowback water returns to the surface containing corrosive chemicals and brine from deep within the earth.

This water must be captured and securely stored at the well pad until treated and properly disposed. Layfield’s high-performance geomembranes can contain flowback and formation water without degradation.

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Common Benefits of Fresh and Produced Water Storage

Offers Environmental Protection

Containment solutions to protect the area surrounding a fracturing site from contamination.

Economical Options Available

Above-ground frac tanks are mobile, reusable, quick to install, and can store large volumes of liquid.

Prevents Loss of Fresh Water

Offers temporary storage of onsite water resources during maintenance cycles.

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