Floating Covers

Keeping your water and the environment safe

Floating covers in potable water and wastewater applications help to protect the contents of your ponds or lagoons. You’ll be free from the threat of outside contamination, evaporation, and the loss of water treatment chemicals. 

You can ensure your drinking water is clean and fresh from the time it hits the reservoir until it fills your cup. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your floating covers protect the environment from nefarious odors and methane gas release found in wastewater. We ensure our products withstand some of the world’s harshest environments while maintaining peak performance.


Common Benefits of Floating Covers

Prevents the Growth of Algae

By shielding sunlight, floating covers impede the growth of algae and other plant life.

Protects Water from Outside Contaminants

Floating covers help protect your potable water from dirt, dust, debris, and wildlife.

Prevents Dilution from Excessive Rainfall

Keeps rainwater from entering the pond, eliminating the need for additional treatment chemicals.

Controls Evaporation in Arid Climates

Floating covers prevent dry ambient air from making contact with the water in the pond.

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