Primary Containment

Prevent Soil and Groundwater Contamination

Geomembrane liners are an economical and reliable solution for the containment of hazardous and nonhazardous liquids in pond applications. Geomembranes prevent the leaching of materials into surrounding soil and groundwater due to their ability to retain fluid in the pond from migrating to the subsurface.

Our complete line of geomembranes are specifically formulated with stabilizers that provide enhanced UV, heat, and chemical resistance. These geomembrane solutions are tried, tested, and trusted in delivering results that meet high environmental standards.


Common Benefits of Primary Containment

Potable Water Protection

Prevent the loss of freshwater due to seepage in potable water applications.

Maintain Safe Working Conditions

Effective containment systems reduce direct contact with stored material.

Remain in Compliance

Primary containment systems can help achieve long-term compliance with local regulations.

Defined Sump Floating Covers

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