HydraNet™ | Geonet/Geocomposite

HydraNet™ is used to provide lateral transmission of fluid and gasses in many applications. 


    • High flow under substantial loads
    • Equivalent to about 12" (300 mm) of aggregate
    • Ideal for drainage on slopes


    • As drainage layer in a multi-liner system
    • Used as drain layers in landfills and ponds
    • For drainage in landfill cap applications
    • Good for gas vents under ponds
    • Drainage in dam cores
    • Leak detection layer
    HydraNet™ | Geonet/Geocomposite Specifications

Product Description

Layfield now manufactures geonet and can offer a wide range of geonet and geocomposites under our HydraNet™ brand of drainage products. Layfield’s HydraNet™ is designed as a cost effective and environmentally conscious alternative to aggregate drains for a variety of applications. HydraNet™ can effectively transmit fluids and gasses while taking up much less space compared to a sand, stone or gravel layer. In double lined containment applications, HydraNet™ is commonly used to create an interstitial space between two geomembrane liners as part of a leak detection system. HydraNet™ geocomposites have a geotextile bonded to one or both sides of a geonet. The addition of laminated geotextile layers prevents the movement of soil fines into the  drainage path that could otherwise lead to clogging and reduced drainage performance longer term. Layfield’s HydraNet™ geonet is made in North America at our ISO 9001 certified facility.

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