ShoreMax® Transition Mat

ShoreMax® Transition Mats are flexible and provide cost-effective erosion protection from turbulent water flow and moderate wave attack.


    • Install easily over difficult topography
    • Prevent floating or uplifting in submerged conditions due to their non-buoyancy
    • Facilitate vegetation growth through voids in the mat
    • Require no heavy equipment for installation
    • Safer for pedestrian and vehicle traffic than hard armor materials


    • Shoreline Transition Zones
    • Channel Bottom and pipe outlets
    • Soft Armoring on Shorelines and Spillways
    • Slope drains in parking lots, roadways, mines and landfills
    ShoreMax® Transition Mat Specifications

Product Description

Flexible, UV-stabilized ShoreMax Transition Mats protect highly erosive areas including shorelineNorth-American-Green-Logo-2c.png transition zones, channel bottoms and pipe outlets and outfalls. The RevetMax Systems’ ShoreMax Mat can also be used for slope drains typically associated with parking lots, roadways, mines and landfills. The RevetMax System ShoreMax Mat can provide soft armoring on shorelines and spillway applications where wave attack can reach critical stages.

In large-scale channel testing, results showed an unvegetated ShoreMax Mat combined with a VMax® P550® TRM underlayment can withstand flow-induced shear stresses of 8.6 psf (0.40kN/m2 ) and velocities up to 19.5 fps (5.9m/s). This level of performance exceeds that of a full mature stand of vegetation.

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