Defined Sump Floating Covers

Defined Sump Floating Covers are the standard for potable water reservoir floating covers for all sizes. 


    • A premium cover design with 20+ year service life
    • Uses floats and weights to accommodate changes in water level
    • Prevents rainwater and dust from entering the pond
    • Can routinely walk on the cover for maintenance
    • Can be inflated for inspection and cleaning


    • Commonly used in potable water applications
    • Used for the large water ponds
    • Sometimes used for odor control in water treatment
    • Can be adapted to irregularly shaped ponds
    Defined Sump Floating Covers Specifications

Product Description

Defined Sump Floating Covers use floats and weights to create rainwater collection sumps in the cover and to accommodate changes in water level. The Defined Sump system is ideal for larger floating cover applications. A defined sump system can be relatively simple or can be exceptionally complex, depending on site conditions. Defined Sump Covers are highly versatile and can be used for all floating cover applications, including potable water storage, odor control, evaporation control, and contamination/dilution protection. They are especially suitable for use on large ponds or ponds with an irregular shape. Layfield's Defined Sump Cover designs, installation techniques, and inspection/maintenance protocols fully meet the requirements of local regulations, such as the AWWA M25 Lining and Floating Cover Guidelines and AWWA California-Nevada Reservoir Floating Cover Guidelines. Layfield can design, install and maintain all types of floating covers.

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