HAZGARD 635FR - Secondary Containment Liner

HAZGARD 635FR is an excellent geomembrane for secondary containment liners for flammable and combustible liquids.


    • Meets requirements for ULC S668 for secondary containment
    • Class I for flammable and combustible liquids
    • Red colour acts as a marker in buried applications


    • Flammable and combustible liquid tank containments
    • Commercial and industrial secondary containments


    HAZGARD 635FR - Secondary Containment Liner Specifications

Product Description

HAZGARD 635FR is a unique secondary containment geomembrane resistant to a wide variety of fuels. This red 35 mil (0.89mm) thick geomembrane was designed to be a robust, flexible, secondary containment material. HAZGARD 635FR is ideal for geomembrane prefabrication. Where shop-welded liners are rolled and folded before delivery to job sites. HAZGARD 635FR is an excellent lining material for the secondary containment of flammable and combustible liquids, including; gasoline and alcohol-blended gasoline, diesel and biodiesel-blended diesel, jet fuels, oils, and lubricants. HAZGARD 635FR is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including hydrocarbons, solvents, acids, bases, and salts. HAZGARD 635FR is UV stable with added fire retardants and may be used fully exposed in some applications and jurisdictions. HAZGARD 635FR is a distinctive red colour providing clear identification in buried applications. HAZGARD 635FR has been tested to fully meet the requirements of ULC/S668 for secondary containment in Canada.

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