HDPE Embedment Liner

Concrete Embedment Liners are designed to provide a synthetic lining surface on concrete structures or containments.


    • Hundreds of small studs to embed into concrete
    • Provides a thick section of HDPE
    • Does not require any additional batten bars or attachments
    • Can be adapted to most concrete surfaces


    • To line a concrete structure with a plastic lining
    • Rehabilitation of large concrete tanks and containments
    • Rehabilitation of concrete clarifiers in sewage treatment plants
    • To Line concrete pipes and catch basins
    HDPE Embedment Liner Specifications

Product Description

Concrete Embedment Liners are thick sections of HDPE, with several studs protruding from one side. The embedment liner is fastened to the inside of the forms before the concrete is poured, creating a surface that is lined with plastic. The concrete flows around the studs anchoring the sheet firmly in place. The studs securely fasten the sheeting to the surface of the concrete. The result is a protective coating of the polymer with very high pullout resistance. Concrete Embedment Liners are ideal for protecting concrete from harsh environments. The thick sections of polymer are resistant to most acids, bases, hydrocarbons, vapours and microbiological materials, which can degrade concrete over time. Concrete Embedment Liners can be installed onto existing concrete structures with the addition of a layer of grout to hold the liner in place. It is also possible to line a concrete vessel with a double layer system to allow for leak detection.

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