RPE®'s are economical lining materials for seepage control, soil remediation, and interim landfill cap applications.


    • Lightweight seepage control material
    • UV stable coatings
    • Can be prefabricated to the largest panel sizes
    • Cost-effective lining material


    • Seepage control for freshwater ponds and canal
    • Irrigation canals and golf course ponds
    • An economical choice for water containment projects
    • Soil remediation liners and covers
    RPE Specifications

Product Description

Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE®) has been used as an economical geomembrane material by Layfield for over 30 years. Common uses of RPE®'s are canal liners, drilling sump liners, soil remediation liners, tailings dam liners, and interim landfill caps. RPE®'s have UV resistance for short term exposed use, are flexible in extremely low temperatures and have excellent chemical resistance. RPE®’s are most commonly used for seepage control in non-hazardous applications. In canal liners and water reservoirs, a backfilled RPE® liner provides permanent seepage control. In a carefully prepared site on sandy soils, RPE® can provide geomembrane level containment, however placement and backfilling of the material needs to be done carefully. RPE is made up of woven, prestressed tapes made from HDPE. The HDPE tapes are coated with a film of LDPE, which makes the liner impermeable to water.

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