Tensar TriAx® Geogrids

Available only in Canada (Excluding Ontario), The revolutionary transition from a traditional square or rectangle opening to a triangle aperture.  This unique open area design, coupled with increased rib thickness and junction efficiency, offers the construction industry a better alternative to conventional materials and practices.


    • Multi-directional Load Distribution
    • ​-Performance in three dimensions
    • Triangular Aperture
    • High Junction Integrity and Efficiency
    • Reduced Stress on Subgrades
    • Improves Aggregate Interlock


    • Base reinforcement
    • Road construction
    • Parking lot stabilization
    • Airfields
    • Heavy duty pavements
    • Working platforms
    Tensar TriAx® Geogrids Specifications

Product Description

TriAx® Geogrid is a revolutionary new product from Tensar. 
TriAx® Geogrid is manufactured from a punched polypropylene sheet oriented in multiple, equilateral directions to form its triangular apertures, resulting in high radial stiffness throughout the full 360 degrees. This advanced aperture yields a more efficient product that delivers optimal in-service stress transfer from the aggregate to the stabilizing geogrid.
Research indicates that TriAx® Geogrid can reduce the aggregate base/sub base by up to 60% over conventional construction methods.  Economic and environmental savings can be achieved through implementing Tensar and Layfield advanced geosynthetics into a project. 
For more than 30 years, Tensar’s innovative ground stabilization solutions have proven ideal for many kinds of construction and subgrade improvement projects, including paved and unpaved roads, parking lots, airfields, heavy duty pavements and working platforms. We also offer full technical support, including design software, expert advice and site assessments. 

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