Typar Spun Bonded Nonwoven Geotextiles

Typar geotextiles combine strength with excellent retention of soil fines for drainage and other applications.


    • Stable matrix of polypropylene fibres heat bonded together
    • Able to retain finer soil fines than other geotextiles
    • Rolls are lighter and more compact than other nonwovens
    • Does not absorb water and become heavy when wet


    • Filters very fine soils such as clays and silts
    • Used as a weed barrier fabric in landscaping
    • Used as a filter sock material for perforated pipe
    • Can be used to combine separation and water filtration
    Typar Spun Bonded Nonwoven Geotextiles Specifications

Product Description

Heat-bonded nonwoven geotextiles (such as Typar®) are a variation of the nonwoven geotextile type. Typar® geotextiles use continuous polypropylene fibres that are heated together to form a continuous mat. Typar® geotextiles have good water flow performance and excellent retention of soil fines. While Typar® has been used to provide separation in paved and unpaved roads, it is predominately used in drainage applications. Such as trench drains, wrapping for perforated pipe, landscaping fabric, and combined with three-dimensional structures to create prefabricated drainage products. Typar® is used when very fine soil particles need to be retained. Typar® is best known as landscape fabric and is used extensively as a root barrier beneath paving stones or under decorative stones, bark or mulch.

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