Aggregate Wash Plant - Water Treatment

SCOPE OF WORK: Water treatment of local fish-bearing stream with Clearflow's Water Lynx to suspend solids. Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Clearflow Water Lynx 

Background Information

At an aggregate washing plant, pit run is washed to remove the finer particles. This process naturally produces a by-product: water laden with fine particles.

In this particular case, there was a need to reduce turbidity and total heavy metal value. The treatment needed to happen on 4,000 gallon per minute which was discharging into a local fish-bearing stream. When the turbidity of the receiving stream reached a high value, production stopped until the levels were acceptable again. As you can imagine, this caused a lot of lost time.


A mixing grid and pond settling system was designed and constructed. It incorporated Clearflow’s Water Lynx blocks to flocculate suspended solids. This flocculation caused solids to settle rapidly out of suspension. The Water Lynx blocks were installed between ponds 3 and 4.