AquaDam® - Pipeline Crossing

LOCATION: Red Deer, AB TIMEFRAME: Spring 2004 SCOPE OF WORK: Install of AquaDam for Pipeline work PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: Pembina Pipelines Contractor: Midwest General Contractors Ltd

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Background Information and Challenges

The project owner was required to upgrade an existing pipeline that crossed a water body near Sundre, Alberta. An attempt was made to install the pipeline using directional drilling methods. The drilling could not be completed due to poor soil conditions at the construction site.  Layfield was contacted by the contractor and asked to provide a quick and economical solution to the problem.  The Layfield Aqua Dam® was selected for the project and successfully installed in April 2004.


Aqua Dams® are water filled portable dams or structures that can be positioned to contain or divert the water. Aqua Dams® are environmentally safe and specifically designed to provide rapid deployment.  In addition to controlling or diverting water, the Aqua Dam® system helps to control silts and sediment during in waterways during construction.


The result is a flexible and stable water filled barrier to contain, divert, and control the flow of water.