Baffle Curtain - City of London

LOCATION: London, Ontario TIMEFRAME: Winter/Spring 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: 600 m long by 8.4 m high baffle curtain PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City of London Contractor: McKay Cocker Installation: Layfield

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The City of London commissioned the construction of a new pumping station and reservoir including a 115,000 cubic metre underground concrete tank to hold a 7 day supply of drinking water for the City. An integrated flexible baffle curtain system was proposed in the design that included 11 curtains, each 8.4m high x 55m long in two separate clearwell cells. The greatest challenge was the unusually large size of the curtains, particularly the height, making installation difficult. Speed and agility during the installation was also important in order to accommodate the other trades and some very tight construction schedules.


Layfield’s skilled installation crews overcame the height challenge by developing a series of pulleys and quick couplings at the ceiling connections to hoist the curtains into place before fastening permanently in place. Layfield also developed a locking fabric access door to allow easy movement between curtains. In-house fabrication and pre-assembly of the baffle curtains at the Layfield plant achieved two important facets of this project. First, quality control of the support assembly and baffle curtain panel welding was enhanced by completing as much of this work as possible inside our specialized facilities. Second, due to pre-assembly, the installation at these considerable heights was completed in half the time of traditional methods.


The project took place in two phases as construction of the reservoir cells progressed. The first section was completed over the winter of 2010 / 2011 and the second section in the spring of 2011. Following construction the curtains along with the clearwell were disinfected prior to commissioning. The baffle curtains were installed on time and on budget and all project partners were very satisfied with the results.