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LOCATION: Ottawa, ON SCOPE OF WORK: Fabricate and Install 53,800 ft2 Geomembrane Baffle Curtain Material:  Baffle Curtains - XR-3 Geomembrane PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City of Ottawa Contractor: Louis Bray Construction Ltd. Material & Install: Layfield Environmental Ltd.

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Project Details

The City of Ottawa required a clearwell baffle system for their potable water system.  There were a number of design constraints facing Layfield included clearwell space limitations and stainless steel connections at the floor, roof, walls and columns.  There were also numerous large diameter penetrations that required careful detailed attachment work as part of the baffle curtain installation.

Layfield Environmental Services provided a full supply and installation service including fabricating and installing 53,800 ft2 (5,000 m2) of geomembrane curtain, 18.7 feet (5.7 m) in height.  The client chose the XR-3 polymer alloy for its flexibility and NSF 61 certification for potable water applications.

Layfield worked closely with the project engineer and contractor to ensure the right materials and installation systems were incorporated into large and complex baffle curtain project.  The project was successfully installed on time and on budget.