Baffle Curtain - Floating

Owner:  Food Processor Application:  Wastewater Baffle System Location: Minnesota, USA Material: XR-5 Baffle c/w Floatation System

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Background Information and Challenges

Layfield Environmental Systems Corporation based in San Diego, California installed an engineered baffle curtain system for a large Sugar Plant in Minnesota.  The client was looking for a solution to limit total suspended solids (TSS), lower biological oxygen demand (BOD) and increase retention time for their wastewater treatment process.  Layfield assisted with the application design of the floating baffles.  This including taking the survey dimensions and custom fabricating baffles that precisely fit the operating dimensions of the lagoon. 

Layfield then installed three floating baffles based on a 20' skirt depth by 600 lineal feet.  The baffle curtains were fabricated from a durable XR-5 geomembrane.  This material was chosen based on its strong tensile strength, UV stability and chemical resistance.  The floating baffle incorporated a 6" floatation collar designed to provide adequate buoyancy and minimize wind loading on the baffle.  Top and bottom tension members were used on the baffle to assist in distributing wind loads and water currents to locations at strategically placed shore points as well as anchor points along the bottom of the baffle curtain.  


After evaluating the successful installation and performance of the baffle, the client opted to install additional baffles in another onsite lagoon.

Industrial companies and municipalities across North America are increasingly using baffle curtains to help control detention time, limit BOD and TSS and control fluid temperatures.  Layfield / CW Neal is an industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of baffle systems and floating turbidity curtains.