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LOCATION: Mississippi, USA  SCOPE OF WORK: Design & Install of 2,175 ft Baffle Curtain  PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Pulp & Paper Mill Company

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Background Information and Challenges

A Pulp & Paper Mill in the State of Mississippi recently retrofitted their activated sedimentation basin as part of a larger treatment upgrade.  Based on the high flow rates through the ponds, improvements in required retention times, and greater degrees of aeration were required to comply with local permit levels.  Operational issues with treatment and containment of process water from the paper plant lead to the addition of baffles to eliminate short-circuiting and to direct flows into the paths of aerators to provide enhanced treatment. 


After considering various options, it was determined to be economically and operationally feasible for the plant to have one baffle 2,175 feet in length by 8-foot depth to be installed.  The lengthy baffle was designed in a bow shape providing acceptable retention times in the existing pond configuration. The unique arc shape reduced loading on the baffle from high flow rates and wind.

A reinforced polyolefin geomembrane was  selected for this project based on its high tensile strength and chemical resistance to the industrial fluids. Layfield provided all prefabricated materials to site.  The Project was installed with minimal downtime while pond was in use.  The floating system was fabricated at Layfield’s Fabrication Facility in Hollister, CA.   The baffle system has proved to be highly successful in its application. 

Industrial companies and municipalities across North America are increasingly using reinforced geomembrane baffles to help control detention time, limit BOD and TSS and help maintain operating fluid temperatures.  These important benefits help to reduce overall treatment cost and improve water quality.   Layfield / CW Neal is recognized as an industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of fixed and floating baffle systems and floating covers. 

By:  Mark Mirro - Account Manager
       Brian Fraser - V.P. Marketing
       Layfield Environmental Systems Corp.