Baffle Curtain - Mechanically Fixed Tank

LOCATION: Corona, CA  TIMEFRAME: 6 Day Install SCOPE OF WORK: Design & Install of Rigid Tank Baffle system PROJECT PARTNERS:Owners: Department of Water & Power Contractors: Layfield Environmental Solutions

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Project Scope & Challenges:  

The Department of Water and Power (DWP) in Corona, CA recently selected the use of Tank baffles for their WWTF Basin #3 retrofit. The DWP upgrade of this facility was required for their recycled water in order to comply with Title 22 regulations. The original DWP concrete basin configuration was designed with one center partition which did not provide sufficient flow characteristics and made it difficult to achieve treatment standards. As a result of their poor flow problems, other compounding problems resulted including algae blooms, odors, and increased treatment costs. After review of various treatment and design options, DWP specified a rigid tank baffle system. To meet DWP project requirements, Layfield provided a modular, rigid baffle system solution.  This system included a geomembrane baffle wall with a mechanical support structure designed to create serpentine hydraulic flow patterns in the existing basin.  This also helped eliminate short circuiting and provided better overall flow and mixing.


Key challenges to the project included meeting DHS approval as well as logistical issues including limited site access, and confined entry space.  To meet these challenges, Layfield’s pre-fabricated modular system proved highly successful.  This modular structure included pre-cut pipe lengths, specialized fittings and connectors designed around six pre-fabricated reinforced evaloy geomembrane baffles.  Layfield being a leading supplier of floating and fixed baffle systems along with having fabrication, construction, and design resources based in El Cajon, CA was well positioned to meet the project challenges.  The installation of the baffle system and structure was provided by Layfield Environmental Systems Corp.  A crew of five experienced Layfield field technicians took approximately 6 working days to erect the structure and complete the project.   


The project was installed on time and within budget providing an economical solution when compared to more expensive alternative options. This durable, modular baffle system will require limited maintenance and has a service life of up to 20 years.  The curtain configuration enhanced flow conditions in the basin resulting in significantly improved treatment efficiencies. This included limiting Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and reduction of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).  Most importantly, the baffle system allowed DWP achieve DHS approval. 

Municipal Water Districts and Industrial Companies across North America are increasingly incorporating the use of geomembrane baffle systems to improve water treatment efficiencies and to comply with tightening water regulations.