BC Embankment Rebuild Between Merritt and Hope B.C.

LOCATION: Merritt and Hope, British Columbia PRODUCT: Tensar® Uniaxial UX1600 Geogrid MATERIAL SUPPLIER: Layfield Geosynthetics

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  • Project Name: BC Embankment Rebuild Between Merritt and Hope B.C.
  • Application:  Bridge embankment rebuild 
  • Scope:  Re-enforcement of weak and degraded embankment subgrade 

The Lower Mainland & Interior of British Columbia has been struck with torrential flooding and numerous severe atmospheric rivers, leaving a trail of damage and destruction. Floods, mudslides, and debris flows are wreaking havoc, having already destroyed several highways, bridges, and arterial roadways. These extraordinary natural disasters caused the B.C. Government to enact a Provincial State of Emergency to allocate resources to repair and reopen rail and roadways as soon as possible.

Layfield was approached by a construction company overseeing an urgent bridge rebuild located between the impacted locations of Hope and Merritt, B.C. The contractor urgently needed to stabilize the subgrade surrounding a damaged bridge embankment to begin repairs and was looking for a large amount of uniaxial

Layfield was asked to supply 40,000m2 of Tensar® Uniaxial UX1600 Geogrid to rebuild the washed-away bridge embankments, specifically designed to reinforce soil while resisting elongation (creep). UX1600 is manufactured using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins designed to resist installation damage while providing long-term high tensile strength. After installation, UX1600 shows no degradation to wet or dry installation environments, perfect for the unpredictable climate and weather events of British Columbia.

With time being a significant factor in this rebuild, Layfield was able to expedite the required materials to the constructor during this emergent situation. The constructor received the materials quickly, helping move the embankment repairs forward faster than anticipated.