Bioswale With EnviroLiner 1000 for Trinity Meadows Housing Community

LOCATION:  Vista, California TIMEFRAME: January 2018 SCOPE OF WORK:  Furnish and Install 30 mil EnviroLiner 1000 Series Geomembrane  PROJECT PARTNERS: Installation and Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Background Information and Challenge

Coast Landscaping needed a solution for the stormwater runoff in the Trinity Meadows Housing Community. This was in an area with the potential for a large amount of runoff and they decided on a Bioswale built for a “once in 100 years” type of event. They asked Layfield for help with installing a liner system for the bioswale in this new housing community. There were construction challenges as the site had steep slopes and new development, requiring a quick project timeline.


Coast Landscaping needed a fix that would offer them a quick installation timeline and long-term stormwater control. Layfield furnished and installed 19,000 sqft (net area) of geomembrane for the Bio-Filtration Basin (Bioswale) located at the Trinity Meadows Housing Community in Vista, CA. The biofiltration basins were installed using 30 mil Enviro Liner 1000 Series geomembrane. Layfield Field Crew provided a full-service installation and tested all of the field seams and penetrations to ensure a sound and complete installation. Filter media and vegetation was then installed by Coast Landscaping for aesthetics and to further filter the stormwater before entering the main storm drain.


The project was completed within budget and within the client’s schedule. The Bioswale is now an attractive and functional part of the Trinity Meadows Housing Community.