Camden at the Falls Development

LOCATION:  Chilliwack, BC TIMEFRAME: July 2016-October 2016 SCOPE OF WORK:  De-watering / Supply of Clearflow Bazooka tubes, Water Lynx blocks, and Geo Jute matting PROJECT PARTNERS:  Owner: Aquilini Development Contractor: Tilt Tech Construction Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada Ltd.

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Clearflow Water Lynx Blocks 
Clearflow Bazooka 

Background Information and Challenge

Camden at the Falls is a residential development that is located on a mountainside slope near 1-(6).jpgChilliwack, BC.  Strict environmental monitoring, project location, and higher than average summer rainfall in 2016 contributed to the need for additional treatment of storm-water runoff from excavated areas.

Tilt Tech Construction’s erosion and sediment control plan included the use of de-watering bags and settling ponds before discharging into an adjacent stream, but this turned out to be not enough to handle the high levels of sediment that would occur after a rain event. Allowing the storm-water runoff to be discharged with such high levels of sediment would likely have shut down the project, so a quick solution was needed due to upcoming rain in the forecast. 

Tilt Tech tried an alternate flocculant water treatment system, but it proved to be only marginally effective, so Tilt Tech contacted Layfield to see if we could help with a quick solution.


Normally, a water sample is sent back to the Clearflow lab for testing and recommendation, but due to the urgency, an on-site jar test was performed by a Layfield rep., and the Water Lynx 494 and 360 blocks were suggested based on these results. 

Water was pumped from the pond into two Bazooka tubes loaded with Water Lynx Blocks, and a series of check dams and settling ponds lined with Layfield poly sheeting and Geo-jute were set up approx. 75 feet downstream from the Bazooka to allow for reaction time. This arrangement, in combination with the series of Clearflow Geo-Jute lined check dams effectively reduced the total suspended solids (TSS) to acceptable levels for discharge to the nearby stream.   


After supplying testing and toxicology data from Clearflow, the environmental monitor was satisfied that the Water Lynx blocks were both environmentally friendly, and fish friendly.  The cost of the Clearflow system was less than half of the cost of the competing system that was initially (and unsuccessfully) used by the contractor.  With a quick set up time, minimal maintenance, and reduced cost, the contractor was thrilled with the results of the Clearflow System, and by the fact that they did not have to shut down the project at any time.