Clearflow - Tassajara Hills

LOCATION: Dublin, CA  TIMEFRAME: April 2016  SCOPE OF WORK: Mass excavation for residential subdivision  PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Toll Brother Inc., Pleasanton, CA Engineer: Mackay & Somps, Pleasanton, CA  Installer: Independent Construction Company, Concord, CA Supplier: Layfield Construction Products, Spring Valley, CA

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Background Information and Challenges

We were faced with the task of controlling rain water as well as run-off construction water before it entered a natural creek onsite. Due to site specific restrictions, typical erosion and sediment control measures could not be used so we had to think outside the box. Other, substantially more exspensive options were considered, but Layfield was able to provide us with an economical solution.


Layfield’s ClearFlow treated Geo-Jute product was the answer we were looking for as it would do the job we needed and still keep our site in compliance with local regulatory agencies. We were able to line low flow channels and swales with the blanket material and substantially reduce the turbidity of the run-off water.


The results from tests taken of the quality of the water leaving our site increased with the implementation of the ClearFlow treated Geo-Jute products provided to us by Layfield Construction Products.