Custom Tarps - Manulife Center

LOCATION: 707 – 5th St SW Calgary, Canada  TIMEFRAME: Sept 2014 - Ongoing  SCOPE OF WORK: Custom designed and fabricated TES tarp panels, Custom WES Enclosure System, standard insulated tarps.
PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Manulife Contractor: Ellis Don Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada

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Background Information and Challenges

707 Fifth is a 27 story, 565,000ft2, mixed commercial/office building in the heart of downtown Calgary. The General contractor, Ellis Don had worked with Layfield on other tower projects (Eighth Ave Place (East and West Towers), and Brookfield Place) to provide custom enclosures. Due to the unique design of 707 Fifth, « Off the shelf » solutions were not as suitable as the contractor would have liked.


By working together with the site Superintendant, as well as some of the project engineers, we were able to custom fabricate 40 TES tarp panels (RPE25) 3.65m x 12.8m, with several rows of webbing sewn in, as well as pull loops, for the lower 3 floors. We also supplied more than 130ea 12.75m long WES panels in 6 different widths to fit the unique profile of the buildings exterior as it builds up, and 600 6m long Aluminum tracks. In addition to all of this, we also supplied several dozen standard12x20 insulated blankets.




By working closely with the contractor and our own fabrication plant, we were able to deliver multiple custom solutions that fit bot the contractors need and timeline. Client has been happy with the results and it has helped them stick to their very tight construction schedule.