DFI Yard

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB, Canada  TIMEFRAME: October 2013 - August 2014  SCOPE OF WORK: Supply of approximately 190,000m2 of RS580i  PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: DFI Corporation  Engineer: DFI/Shelby Engineering  Contractor: Deford Contracting Supplier: Layfield Canada Ltd

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Background Information and Challenges

DFI had recently purchased 20 acres of land in Edmonton on which they planned to put their office and state of the art manufacturing facility. The challenge facing DFI with this site were three fold: they have large equipment with heavy loads, high traffic volumes and the site was to be built on a wetland area with a low CBR value. The DFI representative contacted Layfield about a solution that would provide sufficient reinforcement for their heavy equipment with the main priority of aggregate reduction.


In working with DFI, we were provided the loading information, traffic volume, tire pressure, CBR value of the subgrade and the max rut depth. With that information Layfield approached our partners at Tencate Mirafi to aid with a design and came up with a solution of the Mirafi RS580i and 250mm of aggregate.




In total, we supplied 192,755m2 of RS580i to DFI Corp. and Deford Contracting performed the installation of the high efficiency geotextile. The customer is very pleased with the performance of the RS580i letting us know that they are very happy with its performance, especially in the spring when the snow melts and in events of heavy rainfall. The product has now been installed for two years and three winters and has exceeded DFI’s expectations.