E'Grid 2020 Biaxial GeoGrid - Bridge Expansion - Port Mann, Highway 1

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC TIMEFRAME: 2009 - 2014 PRODUCT: E’GRID 2020 Biaxial geogrid PROJECT PARTNERS Contractors: Peter Kiewit/Flatiron Constructors Installation: Peter Kiewit / Flatiron

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E'Grid Biaxial Geogrid


The Port Mann Highway 1 project intends to accommodate future population growth by building a new bridge that links Metro Vancouver with the City of Vancouver. The current bridge structure only has 6 lanes and is not capable of handling the traffic volumes that occur on a daily basis. The new bridge will be a structure that has 10 lanes. The consortium of Peter Kiewit and Flatiron Constructors (The Contractor) are partners in this multi-billion dollar design/build project.

One of the main challenges for The Contractor was to ensure the project stayed on its tight schedule with as little disruption to commuting traffic as possible. With the Port Mann Bridge / Highway 1 being the main arterial route in and out of Metro Vancouver for both daily commuters and commercial vehicles, The Contractor had to be ready for the unexpected and able to supply products for the project often with very short notice.

One proposal that The Contractor implemented was the setup of a precast yard, where they manufacture their own precast concrete for the bridge. They required approximately 100,000 m2 of bi-axial geogrid to reinforce the soil in the precast yard as it sits on the edge of the Fraser River, known for its soft, silt laden soils.


The precast yard project initially specified a geogrid that was not a true bi-axial; as it did not have equal strengths in both principal directions. Layfield introduced the E’Grid 2020 option as a superior alternative to the specified product because it has equal strengths in both directions, which essentially makes it a true bi-axial geogrid. It was agreed by designers that the product would perform as well if not better than the original geogrid that was specified. Layfield supplied 100,000 m2 of E’Grid 2020 in the short time frame necessary to complete this critical project on schedule.


At the end of the 5 week project, The Contractor was and remains very pleased with the stability and performance of the staging yard. This is the result of a proper design, incorporating a true bi-axial geogrid for reinforcement and quality construction practices by The Contractor. The precast yard gave The Contractor exposure to the performance and measurable cost benefits of Layfield’s E’Grid 2020. This ultimately gave them the confidence to incorporate the E’Grid 2020 in other sections of this mega project.

Layfield has been able to supply geogrids and other geosynthetic products to the Port Mann / Highway 1 Contractor and their sub contractors by providing quality products and technical support that offer real solutions. Our regional and national program for strategic inventory placement gives Layfield the ability to react quickly for design build projects and for unforeseen issues that routinely occur on construction projects.