EL6030 Liner - Soil Reclamation

LOCATION: Swan Hills TIMEFRAME: January 2012 SCOPE OF WORK: Lease site soil reclamation  PROJECT PARTNERS Distributor: National Oilwell Client: IW Kuhn

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IW Kuhn is in the process of reclaiming old lease sites and they have large amounts of contaminated soil that needs to be treated before it can be properly disposed of in the landfill. The challenge for this site was they needed a large, strong and flexible liner with an approximate width of 160 feet and length of 400 feet. The difficulty in prefabricating a liner of that magnitude is both size and weight. Typically prefabricated panels weigh no more than 4000 lbs and this liner would be slightly more than 10,000lbs. Also a liner this size would exceed our available bay space of 120 feet x 280 feet.


The client elected to use Enviro Liner 6000HD as they wanted a fortified geomembrane that offered good flexibility, tensile strength, & chemical resistance. Ultimately, we fabricated a 162’ x 400’ one piece EL6030 liner that weighed 10,332lbs making it one of the heaviest pre-fabricated liners Layfield has ever fabricated.

Due to the limited bay space that was available to fabricate this liner, we had to go through the back overhead door and past the first set racking. However, in going through the overhead door we still had a space restriction for the width as the door is only 20’ wide. Therefore, the liner had to be folded 18’ wide meaning we could only do one seam at a time.

Due to the fact that part of this liner had to be fabricated outside also presented a couple of challenges; the first challenge being that we now had to deal with winter weather as the liner was fabricated in late December. Fortunately, the weather co-operated and was very mild reaching a day time high of 3C. The other challenge of fabricating outdoors was that we needed to place a layer of geotextile down so as to protect the liner from the hard asphalt surface.

With a liner this size it took a lot of time and manpower to fabricate. In all this liner was completed over both the day and night shifts and took 60 man hours to fabricate. With the liner being so long it took 4-5 people to fold the liner after each of the 13 seams was completed.


The contractor was able to deploy the liner without any issues and haul the contaminated soil to site where they are currently treating the contaminated soil. Both the distributor and contractor were extremely pleased with the quality of the liner and with how quickly we were able to make it for them considering it was fabricated just after Christmas and shipped on December 30, 2011 for installation in early January.