EL6030HD Evaporation Control Cover - West Texas

LOCATION: Big Lake, Texas – Permian Basin DATE OF INSTALLATION: September 2013 SCOPE OF WORK: Design, Supply, and Install an Engineered Evaporation Control Floating Cover System CUSTOMER: A large, independent oil and gas producer

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Project Background

Layfield’s engineered evaporation control covers are used to prevent evaporation of important surface water and fluids used in a variety of Oil & Gas containment applications.  

Oil and gas producers require large amounts of water for horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing of shale formations that release and produce trapped oil and gas. These large, open fresh water pits are highly susceptible to evaporation, especially in more arid climates like those found in West Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma and Australia. Evaporation rates in West Texas can range from 50 inches (1,270mm) to 70 inches (1,780mm), while in South Australia and Queensland (Australia) evaporation rates can be as high as 140 inches (3,540mm) in a year, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a pit. This evaporation can be reduced producing large cost saving benefits with the use of evaporation control covers.”


In January 2013, Layfield began discussions with a large, independent Oil & Gas producer on Evaporation Control Covers for their fresh water pits. Layfield is very experienced in Engineered Floating Cover Technology. Layfield’s biggest challenge was to bring the experience and technology of very long term and sophisticated floating covers from the drinking water industry to the oil field, with much less expense and a shorter lifespan. These fresh water pit covers need to pay for themselves over a short duration of time to make them economically feasible. Another challenge in West Texas is the high winds. Hence, the floating covers had to be designed to withstand very high winds that occur on a regular basis. The pit itself presented its own special challenge, as the cover needed to be installed while the pit was in use and full.

Solution and Results

Layfield brought a solution to the table which substantially reduced the typical high costs of floating covers, while at the same time guaranteeing a life expectancy of 5 years. This solution utilized Layfield’s Enviro Liner® 6030HD, an advanced 30 mil polyolefin material in conjunction with specifically placed floats and weights. Enviro Liner® 6030HD comes with a black side and a white face.

Layfield’s design creates continuous tension on the floating cover material, creating continuous contact of the geomembrane material with the water surface. The evaporation control cover in this pit needed to be installed in a wet condition, that is, while the pit was in use and approximately half full. To overcome this challenge Layfield partially fabricated the Enviro Liner® 6030HD panels in our state-of-the-art fabrication facility in San Diego, CA. Layfield then shipped these panels to the project site. The remaining fabrication occurred adjacent to the pit. The fabricated cover was then very carefully pulled over the pit and anchored into place. This method of installation was very successful, and the energy producer was very pleased.

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