EL6040 Floating Cover for Glycol Recovery Pond

LOCATION: Lansing, Michigan TIMEFRAME: 30 Days NTP/ Finish SCOPE OF WORK: Design/Pre-con/Drawings/Submittals/Purchasing/Fabrication/Shipping/Installation/QC PROJECT: 36,000 SF Glycol Recovery Pond EL 6040 Floating Cover PROJECT PARTNERS: Capital Regional Airport Authority

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The owner asked for us to supply a replacement cover for a Modular Insulated Cover system (installed by others) that had failed, and was in need of emergency replacement with the following stipulations; 1) The new cover could not be of the same type, 2) The new cover must be resistant to ethylene glycol, 3) The new cover must be of a proven design, and 4) The new cover must be installed within 30 days of the contract being signed.

The previous cover was a modular cover held down by a series of bollards and cable. Despite the engineering of the hold downs, a windstorm several months earlier had lifted several panels. It was realized the hard way that the current system was inadequate for dealing with heavy winds.


With only one week notice to bid for the project, no specific design requirements, and a nearly immediate installation date, Layfield provided a turn key solution.

To come up with a solution we first had to go on a fact finding mission to determine what we had to work with and why the initial cover failed. We learned that the pond was lined with an HDPE Liner and that there was a series of bollards around the pond where the previous cover was connected with cable tie-downs. On top of this, the client stated they would absorb the cost of removing these bollards and the old cover completely. We also learned that the previous cover was subject to liquid level fluctuation of 6’, which explained why a Modular Insulated Cover would be inappropriate. The client was open to us incorporating an anchor trench outside the existing liner anchor trench into our design. In addition, in was imperative that the new cover contain any odors and prevent any possible leakage of liquid through the cover.

We quickly gained the facts and discussed the project internally to confirm what we could bring to the table in such a short time frame. Upon confirming EL 6040 would be chemically compatible with Ethylene Glycol, it was apparent that we could achieve the tight installation schedule if we could meet to do an onsite visit immediately after award. We went over the schedule day by day on what was required for delivery and installation of geomembrane materials and pump equipment.

Through our fact finding we established a report with the purchasing agent. We reviewed Layfield’s sizeable cover experience and explained why a Defined Sump* Floating Cover manufactured with Enviro Liner 6040 would meet the requirements of the project in terms of function, longevity, and cost. We explained that the defined sump floating cover had an excellent track record in regards to operation in high winds as well as having the ability to completely encapsulate liquid within the cover. We provided in our quote for pumps to empty water off the cover, and outlined to the owner what they would need to provide to make the cover successful. We committed to the owner that if they awarded the contract to Layfield, we would do a site visit that same week to review the logistics required for meeting the lead time.

As part of our proposal we offered a maintenance contract to service the proposal for two years after our standard 1 year warranty expiration. This we felt was very important for if we needed to do some modification or fortification of the design, thecosts would be covered upfront.

*The Defined Sump floating cover is also referred to as a “Double Wishbone Tension Plate” cover for the 'look'.


We were notified we won the contract on Sept 21st, 2010 and completed installation by October 18th, 2010. Through steady communication with the owner, we negotiated that Layfield take on some items not outlined in our contract, while the owner took care of some items that were included in the contract. As a result of our teamwork we finished the project 2 days early, and improved our profit margin on the assignment.