EnviroSlope Geogrid Wrap - Railway Trestle

LOCATION: Southern Ontario SCOPE OF WORK: EnviroSlope Geogrid Wrap face slope to replace wooden railway trestle  PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: St. Lawerence & Hudson Railway


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This project used an EnviroSlope Geogrid Wrap face slope to replace a wooden railway trestle.

A railroad trestle bridge had reached its design life and needed serious repair or total replacement.  Traditional methods of replacement would require the line to be de-commissioned for an unacceptable period of time.  A solution had to be found to minimize this down time.  A reinforced embankment was designed to encapsulate the existing bridge structure and minimize the down time from 6 months to 2 weeks.  The design incorporated primary reinforcement layers at three foot lifts with the face wrapped with an erosion control blanket held in place with a bi-axial geogrid.  The reinforced embankment also blended in well with the surrounding landscape and vegetation.