EnviroSlope Geogrid Wrap - Victoria Park Road Slide

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB TIMEFRAME: Summer 1998 SCOPE OF WORK: Geosynthetic reinforced slope using polyester geogrids PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: City of Edmonton

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Reinforced Slope Victoria Park Road

City of Edmonton

Edmonton, AB

LP35K Polyester Geogrid
LP20K Polyester Geogrid

This landslide on the Victoria Park Road in Edmonton was repaired with an EnviroSlope Geogrid Wrap reinforced slope.

With a history of slope failures leading back to just after construction in 1960, the Victoria Park slope failed for the third time at 1:30am June 22, 1998. A 7m deep by 150m long section of the slope slid down onto the Victoria Park golf course and forced the closure of one lane of the Victoria Park road. The failed section was dug out and rebuilt as a geosynthetic reinforced slope using Layfield polyester geogrids. The construction was completed in just over three and a half months and is performing adequately to date.