EnviroSlope Geoweb Face - Anthony Henday Drive

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB TIMEFRAME: 2004 - 2005 SCOPE OF WORK: EnviroSlope Geoweb Face steeped slope along concrete culvert PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: City of Edmonton & Province of Alberta

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Anthony Henday Drive / Whitemud Creek Crossing

Joint Project of
The City of Edmonton and
The Province of Alberta

Edmonton, AB

LP120T Polyester Geogrid
LP30T Polyester Geogrid
4" Geocell
PP5-10 TRM

This EnviroSlope Geoweb Face steepend slope was used around a large concrete culvert on Anthony Henday Drive on the Whitemud Creek crossing in Edmonton.

The Whitemud creek crossing was originally designed as an arch structure with wing walls and a tiered concrete faced wall system.  At the request of the prime contractor, Layfield value engineered the original designed concrete wall system into a geogrid reinforced steepened slope (RSS) system.  After providing preliminary design and technical assistance to the prime contractor, Layfield worked in close conjunction with the geotechnical engineer to complete a final design.  The Layfield chose to use the LP 120T PVC coated, polyester geogrid, which received approval from the design geotechnical engineer, and Layfield proceeded to work with the prime contractor on the construction.  The RSS is slated for completion in spring 2005.