Floating Cover - Cargill Anaerobic Cover

LOCATION: High River, AB TIMEFRAME: Summer 2004 SCOPE OF WORK: Design & install anaerobic floating cover system with anchor system and gas collection piping. PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: Cargill Foods

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Background Information and Challenges

The Cargill Foods plant in High River, Alberta processes and markets high quality boxed beef and beef by-products.  The plant includes a wastewater treatment facility that is integral to the plant operations.  Cargill requested the services of Layfield to provide the design, supply and installation of an anaerobic floating cover system, which included an anchoring system and gas collection piping, to capture biogases released from the plant operations wastewater.  These floating covers would be positioned over two of the Cargill anaerobic sewage lagoons.


The challenge was to provide a design and develop a deployment technique to allow the cover system to be installed over process waste fluids without disrupting the plant operations.  The Layfield team, which included input from the Layfield Research and Technology department, provided a design and installed an 80 mil High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) anaerobic cover system complete with ballast tubes, gas collection piping, rainwater removal system, access hatch and emergency gas vents for a system that not only allowed Cargill to capture the released bio-gases for use, but also eliminated odors and prevented the mixing of air with bio-gases which could have resulted in volatile mixtures. 


Layfield completed the challenging project safely and provided Cargill with a successful solution to their problem without disrupting the Cargill plant operations.