Floating Cover - El Toro Water District

LOCATION: Lake Forest, CA TIMEFRAME: 2002 SCOPE OF WORK: Fabricate and install liner and cover for districts water reservoir PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: El Toro Water District

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Background Information and Challenges

To expand and regionalize the El Toro Water District Reservoir in Southern California, CW Neal was awarded the fabrication and installation of a 1,150,000 ft/2 70 mil 5 ply reinforced polypropylene flexible membrane liner and a 1,200,000 ft/2 45 mil reinforced polypropylene floating cover system in 2002.  


The project goal was to expand the El Toro Water District reservoir to facilitate joint use and meet emergency water demands when the import water supply system is interrupted for planned or unplanned events.  An important secondary goal of the project was to help improve water reliability at the lowest possible cost per gallon.   In addition to the fabrication and installation of the flexible membrane liner and cover system, CW Neal was actively involved in the design of the defined sump tensioned floating cover system. 


The flexible membrane liner and floating cover system proved to be highly effective in meeting the owner’s goals and objectives.  The project was completed on time and on budget.   Layfield / CW Neal is the industry leader in floating cover technology.