Floating Cover Maintenance

LOCATION: Luray, VA TIMEFRAME: Summer/Fall 2004 SCOPE OF WORK: Maintenance of Hypalon Floating Cover & Hardware PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City of Luray Contractor: Layfield/CW Neal

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This existing cover was based on an outdated design and required diving inspection, temporary repairs, design support and upgrading of the cover to meet AWWA guidelines for drinking water floating covers. The project proceeded in two phases.

Phase One:

  • Dive inspection and documentation of existing facility
  • Temporary repairs while the reservoir was in service
  • In-depth report writing incorporating the design build system with the City of Luray, the cities consulting engineering firm and Layfield/CWN to bring the existing cover into compliance with AWWA suggested drinking water standards

Phase Two:

  • Fabricating cover components and shipping a new hatch, tensioning system and other appurtenances
  • Cleaning the top of the reservoir cover
  • Inflating existing floating cover, performing cleaning and disinfection of the interior of the reservoir
  • Field repairs to the existing Hypalon cover
  • Installing a hatch, tensioning system, and other appurtenances
  • Disinfection of the interior of the reservoir

This project required coronation with specialty subcontractors as well as the Cities fire department and public works department and was completed in November 2004.